Pathways to Sustainable European Energy Systems

May 11, 2007 - 12:00pm
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This talk gives a brief overview of the activities at Department of Energy and Environment with respect to: --A new project “Pathways to Sustainable European Energy Systems” --CO2 Capture by means of the Oxyfuel and Chemical looping processes The European pathways project is a 5 year project with the overall aim to evaluate and propose robust pathways towards a sustainable energy system with respect to environmental, technical, economic and social issues. The focus is on the stationary energy system (power and heat) in the European setting. Evaluations are based on a detailed description of the present energy system and to follow how this can be developed into the future under a range of environmental, economic and infrastructural constraints. The lecture will summarize the idea behind the project and give some examples of initial results (e.g. overview of power generation and CO2 storage options and some energy end use issues). The lecture will also give a brief overview of the Chalmers CO2 capture research, which has the aim to obtain knowledge for design and scale up of power plants with CO2 capture. The work comprises experiments and modelling and is focussed on two capture processes; the oxyfuel (O2/CO2 recycle combustion) process and the chemical looping process. For more information about this seminar, please contact: Peng Xu(510) 486-4549

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