Mapping EETD’s Scientists and Engineers into the Lab’s New Job Classification and Salary Structures

April 13, 2007 - 12:00pm

As announced in TABL, the Lab held two Town Hall meetings to present the proposed new job classification structure, and to receive comments and questions.   TABL also linked to an Opinion Poll whereby staff could comment on options for the new classification titles.  The 30-day comment period on the draft Section 2.07 of the RPM on Professional Staff has ended and, after taking into account the comments received and results of the Opinion Poll, the Lab is expecting to make the new structure official on April 16.   On or about that same day, all our S&E's will be mapped over into the new system.  Aside from having a new job title and classification code, our present Staff Scientists and Senior Staff Scientist will be minimally affected.  The major effect will be on our present Term and Career Scientists since the procedures and criteria for changing from Term to Career and for advancing from Scientist to Staff Scientist are different from those that EETD has used in recent years.  The discussion at the Town Hall meetings alluded to, but did not go into the details about, a new salary structure that goes along with the new classification structure. Don Grether was on the Scientific Advancement Committee (SAC) and the S&E Compensation Committee and thus is knowledgeable about the new structures.  Nancy Talcott was staff to the SAC and is now the EETD/ESD HR Center Manager, and Marylin handles most EETD personnel actions.  At the seminar they will summarize some of what was presented at the Town Hall meetings to provide context, but will primarily focus on the impact on EETD.  Scientists and their supervisors are particularly encouraged to attend, although anyone is welcome.

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