EETD Sustainability -- Keeping our own house in order

March 29, 2007 - 12:00pm

Moderated by Bruce Nordman, Steve Greenberg and Robin Mitchell Our division is organized around making the world more compatible with the environment, but our attention to our immediate physical environment and resource use often falls by the wayside. According to the EETD Website, "the mission of Berkeley Lab's Environmental Energy Technologies Division is to perform research and development leading to better energy technologies that reduce adverse energy-related environmental impacts. Our work increases the efficiency of energy use, reduces its environmental effects, provides the nation with environmental benefits, and helps developing nations achieve similar goals through technical advice." It seems that we should also practice what we preach -- if we can't implement these ideas and technologies in our own workplace, how can we expect others to do so? As the impacts of climate change become more clear, we need to initiate and intensify our own sustainable practices in the workplace. This "noon seminar" will be a collective brainstorming session for what we, as a division, with our wealth of expertise on energy technologies and environmental impacts, can do to make our own workplace more sustainable. The goal of the session will be to identify specific topics that we as a group think need to be addressed, as well as what the division is already doing, and then hopefully have volunteers investigate options for solutions to problems we identify. Some example topics (which we would prioritize) are: - Equipment (computers, printers, etc,) - Building -- lighting, HVAC system - Supplies -- paper, other products - Travel (local, regional, distance) - Water conservation - Corporate culture -- turning off your computer and lights when you leave for the day, etc. Please join us in this brainstorming effort. And if you can't participate, feel free to contact Robin Mitchell ( with your ideas or knowledge of an issue. For more information about this seminar, please contact: Robin Mitchellx4141

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