LBNL's 75th Anniversary Film Montage

December 7, 2006 - 12:00pm
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The Laboratory's 75th Anniversary Symposium and Gala Dinner were held on November 14, 2006. For the occasion the Lab's photographer, Roy Kaltschmidt, prepared a 15-minute long movie that is a first-rate "Ken Burns style" linear montage of photos from the Lab's founding in 1931 to the present day. The movie is not narrated but rather has background music. It was shown with music at the Symposium to much applause, and silently on a flat panel display at the dinner. It was made available on a DVD to those who attended the dinner. The movie will be screened twice during this Dec. 7th seminar: once with the background music on and, for those interested, a second time with Don Grether providing narration. Of course it's not possible in 15 minutes to include photos of everything that has gone on and been photographed at the Lab. Perhaps not surprisingly, the emphasis tends to be on Nobel Prize winners, Laboratory Directors, and big pieces of equipment. But EETD is in there, not only in terms of individual researchers but also in terms of people who were influential in paving the way for the Division. We think that you will enjoy the show.

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