Planned Changes to the LBNL Shuttle Bus System

December 5, 2006 - 12:00pm

BACKGROUND: Several recent issues of Today At Berkeley Lab, including for today, December 1, have called our attention to the planned changes to the Lab's shuttle bus system.  If you  have not yet viewed the description of the planned new system and the maps showing the new routes it is advisable for you to do so as the changes are significant, not just a "fine tuning".  Several EETD staff members and shuttle bus riders have expressed serious concerns about the changes, which has prompted us to set up this special seminar. DESCRIPTION:  Steve Black, who is fairly new to the Lab,  has responsibility for a number of Laboratory support services including the shuttle bus system.  Steve will make a presentation that includes some very interesting statistics about ridership of the shuttle bus system, the motivation for the changes, and an explanation as to why the Lab is of the opinion that the planned changes will be an improvement over the present system while reducing costs.  The presentation is short (about 16 slides) so there will be ample time for comments and questions.

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Schedule subject to change without notice. If you are coming from off-site, please call first to verify. UC staff and guests are welcome. LBNL shuttle buses stop every few minutes at marked sidewalk locations along Bancroft and Hearst Avenues and Rockridge BART.