Energy Efficiency in Denmark - Results and actual programs

August 11, 2006 - 12:00pm

The seminar will in the first part give an overview over the result of the energy efficiency activities in Denmark the last 25 years. Energy consumption is today at the same level as it was 1980. Increased energy efficiency is one of the main reasons for that. In the second part will the actual Danish energy efficiency policies and activities will be presented. The Danish government presented a new Action plan for renewed energy conservation in September 2005. The plan will have several new measures. The will be a new framework the utilities energy saving activities and there is several new measures to promote more efficient buildings. There is also a special focus on the public sector and on appliances and standby. Peter Bach has a background as a civil engineer. Renato Ezban has a background as a physicist. They have both been working with energy planning and energy efficiency in Denmark for more then 20 years. They are strongly involved in the implementation of the new Danish action for renewed energy conservation. Peter Bach is working with energy efficiency policy in general and with market based system for the utilities energy saving activities. Renato Ezban is responsible for the implementation of a new system for certification of buildings and inspection of boilers and ventilation systems. Peter Bach is chairman of ECEEE.

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