Energy Challenge - The Shell Perspective

June 5, 2006 - 12:00pm
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Shell Renewables is one of the five core businesses of the Shell Group, established in 1997 to develop commercial opportunities in both solar and wind energy. They are active in over 75 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle east and Asia Pacific.  A core message Graeme will deliver during this seminar is the need to manage our carbon emissions--and why an oil company like Shell even thinks we need to do so. Graeme will talk about how Shell sees the world moving into an increasingly carbon-intensive environment in the future, and with that movement comes the requirement to address the critical issue of carbon management. Shell believes that carbon management is not only good for the environment, but will prove to be good for business.  By 2050, we expect the world to double its energy demand. The world needs low-emission and low-carbon energy, but people are unlikely to tolerate increased pollution, extra infrastructure and the possible effects on the climate. It will take more than a decade before alternatives can compete effectively with fossil fuels. Energy businesses like Shell cannot embrace renewable energy just because of the environmental and PR benefits. Nor can we expect governments to keep funding renewable energy indefinitely, or consumers to pay more for it, when cheaper energy sources are available.  Graeme will talk about technologies and strategies, and what types of programs and investments Shell is making now to meet the energy challenges of tomorrow.   Graeme joined Shell Renewables as Executive Vice President in 2005. He has a PhD in Mathematics and a Physics degree from the Victoria University of Manchester. He joined Shell in 1976 and performed various roles in manufacturing, Sales & Marketing and Consultancy. From 1998 on he was Vice President for Shell Global Solutions in the Oil Market Technology field. In 2002 he took up the role as Vice President Manufacturing Supply and Distribution for Shell Europe Oil Products before he started his current position.

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