Benchmarking, the BEST Tool and a Case Study in the Wine Industry

May 10, 2006 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90

California has over 1,100 wineries that produce more than 500 million gallons per year, contributing about $33 billion to the Californian economy. In addition, the industry uses a significant amount of electricity at peak season and hour, as well as natural gas and water. Speakers will present the newly developed, award-winning BEST (Benchmarking and Energy and Water Savings Tool) Winery tool that compares the performance of a target winery to a similar reference winery in order to help wineries understand how well (or poorly) they are performing. In addition, the tool contains an interactive inventory of available efficient practices and technologies from which the user can select measures that will save money, energy and water. Speakers will present the path to development of the BEST tool, describe the wine industry in California and demonstrate how to use the tool. BEST Winery applies to small to medium scale wineries and is available for free at

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