Film by Yonas Aradom: Wind Energy in Eritrea

April 10, 2006 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90

Film: Wind Energy in Eritrea - 50 minutes (Tigrigna with English subtitles) Presenters: Yonas Aradom and Robert Van Buskirk -  "Wind Energy in Eritrea" asks whether the fastest growing form of renewable energy in the world is relevant to a country where incomes are less than $0.75 per person per day.  The film examines whether renewable energy can solve basic human needs in the small, newly independent country of Eritrea, East Africa. Local villagers speak about how a simple light bulb can make the difference between a life of well-lit nighttime study and evenings living in the shifting shadows of a smoky kerosene flame. While renewable energy has many obvious benefits, it is less clear whether and how such promising new technologies can be distributed to the people who need the electricity the most.  Preceding the film there will be a discussion to set the context of the work.  A brief presentation will describe the technical and socio-economic challenges and issues related to distributing sustainable energy technologies in rural Africa.

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