Silicon Valley v2.0 A Cleantech Cluster in the Making

March 8, 2006 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90

How can a we identify new opportunities for innovation, assess market   potential, and develop the best pathways for sustained   implementation, dissemination, and improvement of clean   technologies?  Considering the wealth of innovation generated and   available throughout the UC and National Lab systems, and their   pedigree of success at developing technologies that were ground   breaking and timely, they seem logical places to undertake a   sustained effort dedicated to identifying and launching market-driven   solutions to solve environmental problems.  Programs such as Berkeley's Lester Center (http://, the Stanford Technology Ventures  Program (, and UC Davis's CONNECT (,6) have been instrumental in   facilitating entrepreneurship.  As a result, well-defined paths now   exist through the electrical engineering departments, the computer   sciences departments, and the medical and public health schools to   the business schools and to sources of risk capital and corporate   customers to commercialize promising info and bio innovations.   The   tremendous value of these networks to the Universities, their   students and faculty, and the Bay Area, indeed the world, is   indisputable.  However, that same network effect and   commercialization assistance the network provides is not readily   available to most researchers working in other disciplines of equal   or greater value.  Please join us to discuss how we can catalyze and accelerate   cleantech commercialization by LBNL and UC Berkeley, resulting in a   new network...a  Green Silicon Valley.

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