Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings - Experiences and Results from the German Funding Program "SOLARBAU"

June 20, 2005 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90
Seminar Host/Point of Contact: 

Within the German funding program "Solar optimized buildings - SolarBau" commercial buildings are subsidized, if the predicted primary energy consumption for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning / cooling and lighting does not exceed 100 kWh m-2 y-1. The main objective for these demonstration buildings is the combination of high workspace quality with energy-conscious design features, new building technologies and innovative energy systems. An accompanying research program is evaluating the buildings with a two-year monitoring campaign. The results show that the target can be achieved with investment costs that are comparable to conventional buildings. The main features of the buildings are a very high insulation standard, passive cooling strategies as well as daylighting concepts for the workspaces. Although the indoor climate of these buildings is more dynamic due to passive cooling, thermal comfort was not a critical issue yet, despite a very hot summer in 2003. The presentation will give numbers of total and end use energy consumptions of the buildings together with their main features related to energy-efficient design.

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