Regional Input-Output Analysis: A New Basis for Life-cycle Assessment

March 11, 2005 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90
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This presentation describes the development of a regional economic input-output analysis-based LCA (REIO-LCA) model. The basis for the model is the calculation of regional economic multipliers that are linked to energy (electricity and fuels), global warming potential, toxic emission factors, and hazardous waste generation intensity factors. REIO-LCA is planned to be integrated with EIO-LCA at  --The advantages of the regional I-O-based LCA model include the opportunity to assess the resource use and pollution intensities of products and services on a regional, state, or even local level, to help benchmark regional environmental performance against the national practices, to show the spatial distribution of supply chain environmental impacts of different economic activities on local, regional, state, and multi-state level using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and to aid strategic, governmental planning for a locally sustainable economy that is cognizant of the cross-regional commercial links (imports and exports). Typical analyses include location of a new manufacturing plant, shifts from manufacturing to service sectors, interregional commerce, etc. The use of the model is demonstrated through a rank-order sectoral effects comparison associated with proposed changes in economic activity levels and sectoral mixes, and a possible development of an REIO-LCA for California will be discussed.

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