Developing and Transferring Technologies for a Global Low-Carbon Energy System

June 30, 2004 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90
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For the past year, Dr. Sugiyama has led an international group that has developed scenarios regarding the evolution of international agreements to mitigate climate change. The group's work has been presented in a variety of formats in Washington, Ottawa, Bonn, Hamburg, Oslo, Tokyo, Beijing, and Milan as well as in Berkeley.   Currently, the group's activity is focusing on institutions for development, transfer and diffusion of technologies for mitigating climate change, particularly low-carbon energy supply and end-use technologies. Dr. Sugiyama will summarize the group's work to date, introduce the work currently underway, and then initiate a roundtable discussion on how to organize, encourage and fund multilateral activities to accelerate development and deployment of low-carbon technologies. Dr. Sugiyama will describe a potential framework for an East Asian regional energy conservation agreement, and encourage discussion regarding the incentives for putting together such an agreement and how it might relate to recent and current bilateral and multilateral activities, including bilateral and multilateral activities involving the US. Parallels between diffusion of climate-change mitigation technologies and other types of technology, and issues concerning scaling up will also be explored. Feedback and discussion from this seminar will help shape the group's report, to be released in late autumn this year.  Dr. Sugiyama will be available for individual meetings after the seminar. Presentations and reports produced by the project are available in advance of the workshop from Jonathan Sinton (

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