Energy Use and Indoor Thermal Environment of Residential Buildings in China

December 16, 2003 - 12:00pm

The first part of this talk will deal with the project on Energy Consumption and Indoor Environment Problems of Residential Buildings in China, organized by the Architectural Institute of Japan. Prof. Yoshino will discuss the results of project elements, including: 1) Literature survey and field investigation on energy consumption and indoor environment of residential buildings, 2) Compilation of weather data for building design based on observed data in China, 3) Literature survey and field investigation on energy consumption and indoor environment of residential buildings, 4) Estimation and verification of the effects of various environmental symbiosis technologies, 5) Proposal for residential energy-conservation technologies, taking into account regional characteristics, and 6) Proposal for designs guideline for residential buildings based on sustainable environmental technologies. In the second part of the talk, a project on indoor thermal environment and air quality of urban residential buildings in China will be discussed. The purpose of this seven-city survey was to gather empirical information on urban residential indoor environment to evaluate thermal comfort, indoor air quality and the potential for applying energy conservation for space heating and cooling. The questionnaire survey documented patterns of behavior in winter and summer, types of air-conditioning equipment used, and so on. Measurements showed that indoor temperature and humidity in Harbin, Beijing and Shanghai residences in winter remained stable so that relatively good conditions are achieved. The IAQ investigation found that concentrations of benzene, toluene and m,p-xylene were relatively high." For more information about this seminar, please contact: Host: Jonathan Sinton(510) 486-7081

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