Helping California Reach Its Water and Water/Energy Conservation Potential

September 25, 2003 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90
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The California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC) was  established in 1991 to expedite implementation of reasonable water conservation measures in urban areas through promotion and oversight of water conservation  Best Management Practices (BMPs) among its members. To date, the Council has  operated through voluntary signature to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU),  by which member agencies pledge to develop and implement fourteen comprehensive conservation BMPs. Included in the MOU is an obligation on the part of CUWCC  members to implement any practices that are cost-effective.The talk will detail CUWCC's experience with water conservation and efficiency  practices in California.  This will include a discussion of the conservation  that has been acheived, some of the conservation potential that has yet to  be achieved, and linkages between water and energy conservation. Some of the policy implications of linkages between water, energy and the environment  will also be discussed in terms of the possible impact that such linkages may have on water conservation cost/benefit analysis.

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