Water Problems and Solutions in China

September 2, 2003 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90
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In this talk, Mr. Yin will introduce and discuss the Asia Pacific Water Council, a non-governmental organization based in Hong Kong comprised of international investors, engineers, and governments working to develop a public/private sector approach to addressing the issues of water scarcity in Asia.  Mr. Yin will also discuss the creation of the new Green Fund, an RMB 8 billion annual fund established by the China Environmental Protection Foundation designed to fund and finance environmental infrastructure projects.  Finally, Mr. Yin will discuss his work in establishing the International Center of Sustainable Water Technology and Management at the China Ocean University in Qingdao (Tsingtao).  Qingdao will host all of the water sports for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and has been mandated to achieve 100% treatment of its water and wastewater.  Mr. Yin is interested in exploring opportunities for future collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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