The Efficiency of Electricity Generation in the U.S. After Restructuring

June 9, 2003 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90

Over the past eleven years, US electric utilities have faced significant changes to their competitive and regulatory environments. The industry restructuring is designed to enhance economic efficiency at all levels of operation, including distribution, transmission, generation and retail services. The gains are likely to be largest in electric generation because generation costs are the largest component of end-use costs and restructuring has a larger impact on generation than on other segments of the electricity industry, such as transmission and distribution, which are likely to remain more heavily regulated. This paper evaluates changes in the efficiency of electric generation from restructuring. It both surveys the current state of knowledge on the topic and serves as a roadmap for future work. For more information about this seminar, please contact: JoAnne Lambert 510.486.4835, or send e-mail to JMLambert[at]

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