VIDEO SEMINAR of Ma Jun's 6/17/02 presentation: China's Water Resources: Crisis and Opportunity

July 3, 2002 - 12:00pm

The rivers in China, and the hundreds of millions who depend on them, are in trouble. A water crisis looms large in most parts of China. In his book, China Water Crisis, Ma Jun traces 4,000 years of the history of China's watersheds, and their mis/management.  Armed with scientific data and compelling stories, Ma reveals the causes and character of the looming ecological disaster. His book has been quoted in The Economist and many western media. Limited water resources pose a major threat to social and economic development in the 21st century. Three Gorges Dam and redirecting water from south to north occupy the main focus of the efforts to increase supply.However, water problems such as floods, scarcity and pollution are results of decades of ecological destruction and mismanagement. To solve these problems, China should depend on eco-restoration and demand management rather than huge dams and long water diversion channels.Ma Jun will bring information of the ongoing reforms of water pricing, investment mechanisms, and water rights issues that aim to make water use more efficient in China. Ma Jun, a native of China, has a degree in journalism and English. He has worked for the South China Morning Post for many years and is based in Beijing.

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