Power Management Controls

December 6, 2001 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90
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In LBNL's most recent estimate of office equipment energy use, $2.2 billion is saved each year by the use of automatic power management.  However, additional savings of $1.3 billion are lost because power management is present, but disabled. In some cases, power management is not compatible with the application or doesn't function properly, but some portion of this is due to the fact that the controls for power and power management are often confusing, and vary widely from device to device. We expect that the "pool" of potential power management savings will only increase in coming years, and global savings increase these figures several fold.  We have been working with the office equipment industry and others to define some voluntary standards for the "user interface" for power and power management controls so that users experience a broad similarity across all office equipment and consumer electronics.  The interface begins with elements such as switches, indicators, symbols, and terms, but also encompasses more complicated ideas about device behavior. With better understanding of the controls, we can expect savings with no extra manufacturing cost.   In this talk, Bruce will briefly cover the background to the project, then review its structure, initial conclusions, and next steps.

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