Web-based Analysis Tools for Appliance Efficiency Policies in Developing Countries

April 26, 2001 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90
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ne of the goals of the recently organized Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Project (CLASP) is to transfer appliance efficient policy analysis technologies and benefits to developing countries. In this talk we describe the development and use of web-based policy analysis tools for analyzing appliance efficiency policies in developing countries. This tool is part of an attempt to transfer components of the LBNL policy analysis technology for use in developing countries at reasonable and feasible cost. In this technology transfer model, the development of a policy analysis model-building tool combined with skilled user access from developing country professionals allows the LBNL policy analysis methods to be applied in many dozens of countries. The result is that a development and product maintenance budget of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars results in a policy analysis tool using LBNL techniques that can be used at a cost of a few thousands of dollars per developing country per year. We describe and demonstrate the use of this low-cost (but hopefully high-quality) appliance efficiency policy analysis tool. The analysis starts from a national population model, which provides a detailed description of national demographics. The next model component is the housing model, which provides statistics and forecasts for national housing trends and construction. The national income model then provides data on both the evolution of the national income and how it is distributed amongst households. Then given the demographic and national macroeconomic forecasts, and additional appliance-specific information, a detailed description of appliance saturations and use is developed, which provides the basis for appliance efficiency policy analysis calculations.

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