Creating Market Change from the Inside Out: Applying the Collaborative Process Model

August 31, 1998 - 12:00pm

Many energy efficiency opportunities, particularly in the industrial sector, involve effective application of existing technologies, rather than the introduction of new technologies.  These industrial applications have been largely overlooked, yet represent a major energy savings opportunity- for industrial electric motor systems alone, USDOE Motor Challenge estimates savings of 9 billion kiloWatt-hours per year by 2010. Because the savings are typically found in system-based instead of component-based solutions, persuasive actions (education, incentives) are usually more effective than directed actions (regulations) in these applications. To be successful and persistent, persuasive actions require lasting behavioral change, which is often difficult to accomplish. This talk focuses on a process model that has emerged from work on industrial motor system efficiency in the Washington DC project office. The model seeks to effect institutional and behavioral change by using government in the role of a facilitator to bring together key market stakeholders (supply as well as demand) to develop a common vision for change.  Project costs and benefits are shared among all stakeholders, thus making this an extremely cost-effective intervention with a built-in exit strategy.

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