Appliance Energy Labels in Europe: An Initial Assessment of Market Impacts

January 16, 1997 - 12:00pm
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The European Union has had compulsory energy labels on the cold appliances - fridges, freezers, fridge-freezers - for two years. The UK introduced the label from the start, had a high level of compliance and no conflicting labels. The evidence from the UK on the effectiveness of the label is, therefore, particularly powerful. The DECADE team at the Environmental Change Unit (ECU) has undertaken surveys of the response by consumers and the knowledge of retailers, and analysed the effect on national sales and prices. The seminar will present an (interim) overview based on this work. Dr. Brenda Boardman leads the Energy and Environment Programme at the ECU, which includes the seven researchers on the DECADE team. She has been a senior research fellow at the University of Oxford since October 1991 and has specialised in the efficient use of energy since 1981. Her approach is interdisciplinary and includes economic, social, technological and political dimensions.  The DECADE team is bidding to undertake an analysis of the effect of the "cold appliances" energy label throughout Europe, for the European Commission, and has started work on the "wet appliances" energy label in the UK, introduced in September 1996 for washing machines and tumble driers.

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