Future Scientists is a volunteer activity supported by the Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD) to encourage EETD staff to participate in education in local schools.

The goal of this activity is to excite students about science and the work we do and to encourage their natural enthusiasm and interest in these topics. We also serve as resources for teachers and staff—many of whom have little or no background in science.


A lightbulb surrounded by scientific symbols.

Division staff have a long history of volunteering in science education, from participation in local science fairs to mentoring and working with students in special programs. The Future Scientists activity provides a place where EETD staff can share information on an on-going basis about volunteering in local classrooms.

Classroom Visits

DNA strand surrounded by scientific symbols.

Future Scientists initiated a pilot program in 1998-1999 to bring Division staff into the local elementary schools. Working with the local non-profit group, Community Resources for Science (CRS), Division volunteers went to three Berkeley elementary schools and gave classes on heat and light.

Both teachers and students were enthusiastic about the visitors from the Lab and word soon got out about the scientists and their energy talks, with requests for more presentations. Since then, EETD staff have visited local elementary schools from Castro Valley to Richmond, presenting in over 60 classrooms. CRS continues to be an active partner, and coordinates all the logistics with the teachers and local schools for the visits.


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