Facility Notebook Forms

Each EETD Facility should keep EH&S information specific to that facility in an accessible form. The Facility Notebook is an optional format that can serve as a repository for EH&S information specific to that facility, and that can be easily accessible to facility staff and outside auditors. The Facility Notebook Forms provided will in most cases be a convenient method to provide the required information. However, existing facility documents and tailored forms can be used freely. If the information is not physically located in the Notebook, then reference to their actual location can be made in the Notebook.

The Division has identified a subset of EH&S information that is considered critical for each facility and should, at a minimum, be addressed in the Facility Notebook or other manner of choice. A set of instructions to satisfy this minimum set of critical information has been developed and is called the EETD Facility Notebook Cookbook. The forms and documents provided below can be used to provide this minimum set of information. Let the Division Safety Coordinator know if you need any of the other Facility Notebook text pages or forms not listed.

Form Name Form No. Description Notebook Section
Facility Notebook Cookbook
N/A Instructions for the minimum set of Notebook information N/A
Facility Notebook Index
N/A Subject index, and Forms & Enclosures index Front
Key Personnel
Excel file [Download]
PDF file [Download]
1a Lists Facility name, location of Notebook, and key personnel with their primary EH&S responsibilities 1.2
1b Directions for accessing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS); the Chemical Management System (CMS); and the Hazards, Equipment, Authorizations, & Review Database (HEAR) 1.5
Facility Hazards
1c References the Hazards, Equipment, Authorizations, & Review Database (HEAR) 1.6
Required Reading Signature Sheet
2a Handy for tracking required reading (AHD, Facility Notebook, etc.) for staff 2.1
Personnel Qualified to Train Others
2b Lists personnel who are qualified to train others (for example, with machine tool operation, etc.) 2.2
Facility- and Task-Specific Training
2c Documents on-the-job training for specific equipment or tasks 2.5
Spill Response
3aa Outlines procedures for large and small chemical spills 3.2.3
List of Key Personnel to Notify in Case of Emergency
3i Lists name and contact information for key Facility personnel, Division EH&S personnel, and Building Managers 3.5.2

Last update: 2/5/07