Safety Documents

Emergency Action Guide

Accident, injury, chemical spill? Find out what to do.

Employee Responsibilities

Summary of employee's and supervisor's EH&S duties, Stop Work authority, necessary safety documentation, and other safety procedures.

EETD Lab Safety Inspection Checklist

Use this lab walkthrough checklist for the PI and Work Lead quarterly lab inspections, and for senior management walkthroughs.

EETD Integrated Safety Management Plan

The Division mechanisms and strategy to ensure that all EH&S policies and procedures are properly implemented.

EETD EH&S Self-Assessment Annual Report

Summarizes the Division's Self-Assessment efforts and accomplishments over the past year, and discusses key EH&S issues targeted for the current year.

EH&S Acronyms

Now you can find out what OAA, SAA, and SSA stand for!

Facility Notebook Forms

Forms you can download to keep your optional Facility Notebook up to date.

Vacating Space Policy

Summary of the EETD policy on vacating office or laboratory space.

Lessons Learned

Berkeley Lab Lessons Learned Program was developed to help the Laboratory community learn from our mistakes (and the mistakes of others) so that we don't repeat them.

Safety Presentation — June 13, 2008

PowerPoint Presentation [Download]