EETD Safety Committee Minutes

Meeting of September 1, 1999

Attendees ("X" indicates present):
Members Position Present
Don Lucas Division Safety Manager (DSM) (Chair)  
Guy Kelley Division Safety Coordinator (DSC) X
Don Grether Deputy Division Director  
Nancy Padgett Division Business Manager X
Larry McLouth EH&S Division Liaison  
Dennis DiBartolomeo   X
Craig Corrigan   X
Doug Sullivan   X
Rick Russo   X
Rich Sextro   X
  1. Charter—review
    1. Handed out charter (and longer list of possible committee agenda items for this and future meetings)
  2. Where we need to be in terms of compliance and our grade
    1. Passed around OAA's colored self-assessment score sheet
  3. Estimate of our final grade for FY99—remaining weaknesses (not discussed)
  4. What we can do to show progress by Sept 30 toward correcting weak areas
    1. Holding special training sessions won't be very effective (as evidenced by Electrical Safety training efforts) without further senior management backing.
  5. Specific problem areas
    1. Training
      1. Is Salazar reinventing web-based training? Livermore has lots. Guy will check. Supervisors should get regular training reports. Senior management should set limits & maybe consequences for training. (Livermore says can't enter Lab after certain date) Nancy will draft committee recommendation for Mark & distribute to committee for approval/comments.
    2. SAA compliance
      1. Desire to have EH&S make regular pick-ups (as done at Livermore and some private industry). Guy or Rich will check again with EH&S about this.
    3. LSAD
      1. More senior management leverage here also. Passed around LSAD listing. Nancy will draft committee recommendation for Mark & distribute to committee for approval/ comments.
  6. Next Steps
    1. Guy, Rich, and EETD Dept Heads: Training
    2. Guy: SAA Compliance
    3. Committee: AHD
      1. Committee ok with this idea. Guy & Rich will work on distributing AHD review arrangements.
    4. Guy/ Committee: Project Safety Reviews for funded proposals (not discussed)