EETD Safety Committee Minutes

Meeting of July 23, 2004
2:30 PM, 90-4108

Attendees ("X" indicates present):
Members Position Present
Don Lucas Division Safety Manager (DSM) (Chair) X
Guy Kelley Division Safety Coordinator (DSC) X
Don Grether Deputy Division Director X
Nancy Padgett Division Business Manager  
Larry McLouth EH&S Division Liaison X
Kim Abbott DOE  
Joyce Cordell-Breckinridge Ergo Committee Rep. X
  1. Ergonomics
    • Ergonomics Committee Report—by email from Nancy Padgett and in person by Joyce Cordell-Breckinridge (substituting for Nancy Padgett):
      • EETD's group of in-house ergo evaluators has dwindled from about 9 active a year ago to zero now. (Vernice is recently out and may not return.)
        • Only 4 evaluations have been done this past month (all by Vernice).
        • Experience has shown that non-administrative staff evaluators didn't produce results, just good intentions.
      • 14 EETD AA staff have been told that they will be trained to do ergo evaluations.
        • Each AA will be responsible for their own Departments.
      • Jeffrey Chung will do a group training for the AA's on 7/28/04, 10 AM, 90-3075.
      • Joyce will remain the point person for ergo evals. She will be setting up the training, will be in charge of the list of those who need to be evaluated, will set the schedule for the AAs, and keep on top of the status of the project until it's all completed.
    • Larry reports that he is overloaded with quite a large list (several dozen?) of folks waiting for evaluations.
    • Guy reports that the JHQ system may be generating the requests for ergo evaluations automatically when a person answers "yes" to the working at a computer for more than 4 hours per day question.
      • On 6/25/04, when submitting a JHQ for Naiqiang Yan, the system responded with the message "Based on your answers, you should take course EHS0068 Ergonomic Worklstation Evaluation. A request for such an evaluation has been sent to that system."
      • This may be why Larry is being flooded with ergo evaluation requests.
      • Larry will check to see if the JHQ system is supposed to be doing this and why.
        • [Follow-up: On 7/26/04, Jack Salazar responded that this feature was activated at one point, but it should be turned off now due to the confusion it generated.]
  2. Offsite Work
    • EETD needs to improve its tracking of offsite work and identification of associated hazards.
    • Guy and Don L. previously discussed ideas for an Off-site Safety Review form.
    • Guy wrote up a draft form which was emailed to Safety Committee members yesterday for review and discussion today.
      • The form is not intended to be on-line. Rather it will be an actively used form with signatures and initials, to be used at field safety briefings held daily, weekly, or monthly—depending on the length of field work.
      • Intended to stimulate discussion of hazards and mitigation at the safety meetings.
        • Thus to keep the form brief and usable, it is proposed to have no written hazard mitigation section on the form, but rather channel this topic to active discussion during the safety meeting.
      • Don L. will work further on the form to try to reduce it to one page.
      • The off-site PI will periodically send the form with signatures to the Division Safety Coordinator.
    • Possibly will have an on-line off-site pole for all EETD.
  3. EHS020, ES&H for Supervisors and Managers Training
    • EETD needs to decide whether to make this new course mandatory or recommended. (DSC suggests making mandatory for new and recently new supervisors, and recommended for other supervisors.)
    • Will discuss at the next meeting with the Division Council.