EETD Safety Committee Minutes

Meeting of January 24, 2003
1:00 PM, 90-4108

Attendees ("X" indicates present):
Members Position Present
Don Lucas Division Safety Manager (DSM) (Chair) X
Guy Kelley Division Safety Coordinator (DSC) X
Don Grether Deputy Division Director X
Nancy Padgett Division Business Manager X
Larry McLouth EH&S Division Liaison X
Kim Abbott DOE  
  1. Report from Larry McLouth—EETD Injuries current status:
    • So far this performance year, EETD has had 2 recordable injuries: Scott Murtishaw and Nancy Lewis.
      • Both were ergonomic related.
      • Referred to US Healthworks (previously Health South) for treatment.
      • Guy K., Don L., and Larry M. will be meeting with both injured parties and their supervisors soon.
  2. Lab pilot program for workstation ergonomic upgrade cost sharing—update:
    • Approx. 486 staff in EETD. (As a comparison, ESD has about 200 staff.)
      • Of these, about 300 are career core personnel. These should be the first group for ergo evaluations.
        • Assuming about 10 evaluators, this is about 30 people per evaluator.
    • Approximately 30 EETD staff have filled out the online ergo survey so far.
      • Of these, about 10 should be considered high priority for evaluations.
        • Larry and Jeffrey will focus on this group.
    • EETD Ergo Evaluators should allow approximately 1 hour for the evaluation.
      • Download the stretch program if needed.
      • Maybe get stretch balls to hand out.
      • Do the online ergo survey if they haven't done it already.
      • Work out furniture request and upgrade recommendations.
    • Evaluators should expect approximately 1/2 to one hour followup time.
    • The Lab (via Sally Benson) will be contributing about $7K to EETD for ergo cost sharing. The Division will contribute about $11K, and programs about $6K. This totals $24K for upgrades.
      • Costs for workstation upgrades typically range from $60 to $1000, with an average of about $400.
      • $24K divided by $400 equals about 60 workstations that can be upgraded within this cost sharing program.
    • Need to work out several details:
      • Who submits the upgrade recommendations with a proposed budget?
        • Probably need to develop a budget form with limits and rules?
      • Who approves the upgrade recommendations and budget?
        • Don L., Nancy, and/or Mary Ann?
      • Who orders items?
        • Probably Mary Ann is best person for this.
      • Who tracks the expenses?
    • Don L. will write up the Division cost sharing plan for approval by Sally B.
    • Nancy and Mary Ann will get evaluators started on the prioritized list of targets.
  3. Don G. informed the committee that 70-123 & 70-215 will need to be cleared out to make room for AP personnel who have to move out of Bldg. 73.
  4. Guy mentioned that Terry Chan and Glenn Saika on the 4th floor of Bldg. 90 have particularly challenging safety issues in their offices due to the volume of computer servers and computer repair work involved.
    • Considering alternative locations for some of the servers.