EETD Safety Committee Minutes

Meeting of June 28, 2002
2:00 PM, 90-3075

Attendees ("X" indicates present):
Members Position Present
Don Lucas Division Safety Manager (DSM) (Chair) X
Guy Kelley Division Safety Coordinator (DSC) X
Don Grether Deputy Division Director X
Nancy Padgett Division Business Manager X
Larry McLouth EH&S Division Liaison X
Kim Abbott DOE  
  1. EETD Training Policy Flowchart
    • Made final revisions to flowchart.
    • Flowchart lays out graphically the process of determining who in the Division needs to fill out the JHQ and take training.
    • Also specifies how an employee is determined to be active or inactive (from an EH&S point of view), and how the Safety Coordinator handles the JHQ's for inactive staff. (For example, inactive faculty and their supervisors will not be bugged to fill out and update their JHQ and complete unnecessary training.)
    • Flowchart will be used to communicate this training policy simply and easily to the Division Council. Don Grether will present the flowchart in one of the next few Council meetings.
  2. EETD Training Policy
    • Finalized revisions to the Training Policy document.
    • Added further emphasis to student training.
    • Don Grether will present to the Division Council in one of the next few weekly meetings.
  3. EETD ISM Plan
    • Finalized revisions.
    • Requirement for developing a plan to satisfy outstanding training still exists in both the P2R and PRD (Performance Review and Development) process.
    • Added emphasis to senior line management participation in EH&S.
  4. Quick-start training for students and other short-timers
    • Discussed methods of getting training completed quicker and more efficiently for students and other short-term employees.
    • Larry will investigate the frequency distribution of required courses, which are available on-line or via video, and which require classroom instruction.
    • Don G. encouraged the use of streaming video for classroom training such as EHS-10.
    • This would enable supervisors to complete a preliminary JHQ of each new hire before he or she arrives. Once the new hire arrives, he would then know what training to take and be able to take all of it within 1-2 days. The HR Center, where the employee must first check in, could be given the responsibility for ensuring the on-line training is taken at check-in time, although we don't intend to eliminate the supervisor as the ultimate responsible party.