EETD Safety Committee Minutes

Meeting of January 25, 2001
1:00 PM, 90-1099

Attendees ("X" indicates present):
Members   Alternates   Department
Craig Corrigan   Melissa Lunden   AP
Diana Duhnke X Mary Ann Shiffman   EA
Howdy Goudey X Dennis DiBartolomeo   BT
Don Grether       Div/AET
Guy Kelley X     Div/BT
Don Lucas X     Chair/AET
Marion Russell X Doug Sullivan   IE
Rick Russo   John Kerr   AET
Guests     X  
Mark Levine       Div. Dir.
Larry McLouth X     EH&S
  1. Approve 9/28/00 meeting minutes
  2. Report on EETD Ergonomics Committee status and actions (Guy).
    • The following are highlights from the meeting:
      • First meeting of the Ergo Committee (chaired by Nancy Padgett) was on 1/24/01.
      • Discussed the need for increased ergonomic evaluations, including ASD staff. Mary Ann Shiffman and Barbara Ahlquist are currently doing internal evaluations. And Larry McLouth and Matt Kotowski from EH&S are also doing EETD evaluations.
      • Idea for consideration: Pick 10 people to be trained as evaluators. Each evaluator would be responsible for a group of about 20 employees. Have a pre-approved equipment list.
    • Comments from Don:
      • Should look into putting "evaluation completed" information in the Training Profile (as a dummy course) to simplify tracking
      • SRC discussion on this topic included the fact that there are 3300 employees, 9000 computers, and a median age of 44.8 years.
      • Muscular Skeletal Disorder (MSD) is now the common term rather than repetitive motion disorder.
      • As per OSHA (tentative), we have 9 months to engage ergonomics program at the Lab.
    • Comments from Marion: Pre-approved furniture list should include a stool for those workstations that are on work benches.
    • Comments from Larry: There is an evaluation database maintained by Health Services.
  3. Report on Guy and Don's quarterly safety meeting with Division Council on 1/10/01 (Don). Highlights from the meeting included:
    • Some council members don't know emergency number and want more information on "what to do in an emergency". We will revisit this subject at our next meeting with the Council. [Guy's off-line note: There is already good information about this on the EETD EH&S website.]
    • Line management participation was discussed. Need to urge Division line management to include safety as an agenda item at meetings. Need to urge Division line management to do periodic safety walkthroughs.
    • We agreed to provide better notice to Department Heads of pending safety walkthroughs of Division space.
  4. Additional comments/issues/ideas
    • Diana: There is a safety hazard on the 4th floor of Bldg. 90 that needs attention. The carpeting is worn, torn, and loose throughout the floor, and presents a serious tripping hazard. Guy and Larry will followup.
    • Marion mentioned a commendable practice item: she attended a PI meeting lead by Bill Fisk where safety was an agenda item.
    • Lara suggested that SAA forms be more readily available. [Guy's off-line note: There is a link on our EETD EH&S website to a Lab EH&S site where all SAA forms can be downloaded.]