EETD Safety Committee Minutes

Meeting of September 28, 2000
10:00 AM, 90-3075

Attendees ("X" indicates present):
Members   Alternates   Department
Craig Corrigan X Melissa Lunden   AP
Diana Duhnke X Mary Ann Shiffman   EA
Howdy Goudey X Dennis DiBartolomeo   BT
Don Grether X     Div/AET
Guy Kelley X     Div/BT
Don Lucas X     Chair/AET
Marion Russell X Doug Sullivan   IE
Rick Russo X John Kerr   AET
Guests     X  
Mark Levine       Div. Dir.
Larry McLouth X     EH&S
  1. Approve 6/23/00 meeting minutes
  2. Great News! FY2000 Annual Self-Assessment Report
  3. EETD accidents
    1. Review recent incidents
    2. New Accident Prevention plan
      • Don Grether's comment: must be reasonable.
  4. Lab EH&S To-Do List and Suggestion Box
    1. Committee comments: use colored backing page and possibly plastic backing.
  5. Off-site work
    1. Compile list of off-site work
      • Craig Corrigan and Dick Schmidt will be going to Puerto Rico soon.
      • Don Grether can help a lot with a list.
    2. Develop Off-site Safety Review form
  6. Noteworthy practices/commendations
    1. Rolf Mehlhorn—asbestos work procedures
    2. SAA's—97% compliance for last 4 quarterly inspections
    3. Frank Asaro—lab clean-out and dealing with associated problems
    4. R. Sextro and M. Fischer—special waste disposal evaluation
  7. Additional comments/issues/ideas
    1. Larry McLouth—EH&S Division Liaison
    2. Don Grether—EETD Deputy Director
    3. Committee membership
      • Need to finalize and engage the Division Ergonomics Action Plan
      • Lab clean-outs need special attention and can get special assistance from EH&S Waste Handling folks.
      • Bldg. 73 needs regular rodent control.
      • Dianne Duhnke reported that 1st floor of Bldg. 90 also needs mice control, especially in John Koomey's area, 90-1042K.