EETD Safety Committee Minutes

Meeting of June 23, 2000

Attendees ("X" indicates present):
Members   Alternates   Department
Craig Corrigan X Melissa Lunden   AP
Diana Duhnke X Mary Ann Shiffman   EA
Howdy Goudey X Dennis DiBartolomeo   BT
Don Grether X     Div/AET
Guy Kelley X     Div/BT
Don Lucas X     Chair/AET
Marion Russell X Doug Sullivan   IE
Rick Russo   John Kerr X AET
Mark Levine       Div. Dir.
Larry McLouth X     EH&S
  1. Review of last meeting (Don L.)
  2. Noteworthy practices/commendations (Don L., Don G., Guy) Some committee members suggested publicizing this on the web page and in the ATO weekly emailing.
    • Lighting Group (previously on focus list for numerous EH&S issues)
    • Dickerhoff group (considerable initiative recently to obtain special training and procedures for hazardous field work)
    • Spot awards to — Regina Goth-Goldstein — Marian Russell — Jonathan Slack
    • Additional mentions from committee: — Brett Singer and John Kerr for getting summer students trained. — JoAnne Lambert for her extraordinary efforts as Bldg. 90 Emer. Team Leader
  3. EETD EH&S web site (Guy, committee)
    • Recent reorganization
    • Planned section on Noteworthy Practices/Commendations
    • Comments from committee? — Site hard to find — should have link on main EETD page — Craig suggested having more standard information of interest such as pressure relief guidance, where to get photo trays, and how to access VWR.
  4. Summary of MESH review (Don L., Don G., Guy)
  5. Ergonomics action plan status update (Don L.) Currently on hold. ASD will possibly take the lead for the Lab and my hire an outsider for training. Don reports that Nancy Padgett wants to take some action soon.
  6. Progress with finding new Bldg. 73 manager (Craig Corrigan) Craig reports that he is a grad. student, and thus may not be appropriate for this assignment. However a likely candidate is Tom Kirchstetter, who will be hired as full-time around August.
  7. Focus EH&S issues (Guy)
    • JHQ completion rate
    • Training completion rate (including Emergency Team courses)
    • LSAD deficiency closeouts
    • Line Management participation in EH&S (walkthroughs)
    • X.D. Xiang (Bldg. 2)
    • Lessons Learned
  8. Self-Assessment Progress (Guy).
    • Amongst other things, Guy mentioned his desire to split the Electrochemistry Facility into four parts — Cairns, Kerr, Kinoshita, and McLarnon. John Kerr suggested consideration be given to splitting by building rather than by PI.
    • Noted that January-March 2000 Quarterly Division Safety Report has not been presented to the Division Council yet.
  9. Mark Levine's supplementary charges to committee at last meeting (Don L.)
    • Assess the Division Safety Coordinator's Quarterly Report
    • Become familiar with your Department, do informal walkthroughs, assist Guy
    • Develop ideas on how to improve EH&S or solve a problem
  10. New Issues, Ideas, Problems (committee) Two recent incidents were mentioned:
    • Bldg. 70 radiological incident: A EETD researcher had uranium-containing waste but did not have a Radiological Work Authorization and was not authorized to receive or use radioactive material.
    • Bldg. 70 hazardous gas incident: An EETD researcher ordered several cylinders of toxic health hazard gases using a ProCard. ProCard cannot be used for these restricted items and there was no active Activity Hazard Document (AHD) for the use of these gases.