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Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division

ETA researchers in the energy storage and distributed resources area conduct R&D and develops technologies that provide the electricity grid with significant storage capability for energy generated from renewable sources; real-time monitoring and response technologies for the “smart grid” to optimize energy use and communication between electricity providers and consumers; and technologies for improved electricity distribution reliability.

Their goal is to identify and develop technologies, policies and strategies to enable a shift to renewable energy sources at $1 per watt for a low-cost, low-carbon, reliable electric grid.

Researchers develop, demonstrate and deploy:

  • Advanced battery and fuel cell technologies for both transportation and stationary applications;
  • Microgrid technologies that allow enterprises and communities to supply their own clean energy;
  • Real-time smart grid/demand response technologies to allow energy users, suppliers and grid operators to run efficiently; and
  • Software and hardware technologies to improve the reliability of the grid
  • Very low-emissions combustion technologies;
  • Advanced physical and chemical sensors for developing new energy materials and detecting hazardous waste.

Applied Energy Materials group focuses on synthesis and processing of energy materials including energy storage materials, solar energy materials, high performance materials and prototype development based on modern computational, synthesis and processing methods.

The Energy Conversion Group uses technology to develop clean energy by studying the fundamental physics and chemistry of combustion, along with understanding, diagnosing and modeling cell behavior as it relates to energy.

The Energy Technologies Area’s Energy Storage Group conducts innovative research to understand the basic science of, as well as overcome technological barriers to next-generation batteries.

The group conducts research, development, demonstration and deployment activities in electricity grid technologies including automated demand response, and distributed electricity grids (microgrids).

This group conducts research on advanced chemical and physical sensors using laser ablation and ultrasonics, and advanced materials and nanotechnology for clean energy applications.