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Media Contacts

For General Information and Media Assistance

Alecia Ward (510) 486-4540

Berkeley Lab Public Affairs Department

Jon Weiner (510) 486-4014

Appliances and Equipment

Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards

Field Measurements of Appliances

Alan Meier (510) 486-4740

Office Electronics

Atmospheric Sciences

Air Quality Studies; California and Regional Climate

Particles, Aerosols

Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Batteries and Fuel Cells

Battery Fabrication

Battery Safety

Guoying Chen (510) 486-5843

Fuel Cells

John Kerr (510) 486-6279
Adam Weber (510) 486-6308

Improving Battery Performance

Climate Change

Carbon Aerosol Particles in the Atmosphere

Climate Change Economics

Larry Dale (510) 495-2477

Insurance Industry and Climate Change

Evan Mills (510) 486-6784

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Studies On Climate Change Mitigation

Mark Levine (510) 486-5238
Lynn Price (510) 486-6519
Evan Mills (510) 486-6784

Combustion Science

Low-Emission Combustion

Developing Countries and Energy


Evan Mills (510) 486-6784

Water Purification (UV Waterworks, Arsenic Removal Technologies)

Ducts, Heating and Cooling

Duct Sealing, Aerosol-Based

Iain Walker (510) 486-4692

Energy Use of Ducts; Duct Sealants

Residential Commissioning

Electricity Markets, Policy, and Reliability

Benefits of Energy Efficiency in California and the U.S.

Consumer and Market Behavior

Distributed Energy Resources

Electricity Reliability R&D

Joseph Eto (510) 486-7284

Energy Efficiency and Peak Demand Reduction Programs Offered by Utilities and States

Renewable Energy; Green Energy

Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings and Businesses

Advanced Whole-Building Design Tools

Philip Haves (510) 486-6512

Commercial Building Ventilation and Indoor Environmental Quality

William Fisk (510) 486-5910

Commercial Buildings

Commercial-Sector Energy Consumption Behavior Research

Computer Simulation of Whole-Building Performance

Demand Response (Price-Responsive Demand), Building Diagnostics, Commissioning, Field Measurements

Energy Management and Control Systems, Energy Information Systems

Energy Test Procedures

Alan Meier (510) 486-4740

Federal Energy Management

Federal Purchasing Programs for Energy-Efficient Products

Field Measurements of Buildings

Alan Meier (510) 486-4740


Integrated Design of Energy-Efficient Buildings / "Green" Buildings

Low-Energy Design and Simulation of Commercial Buildings; HVAC Diagnostics

Philip Haves (510) 486-6512

Performance Metrics

Energy Efficiency for Homes

Building Energy Measurement and Performance Analysis

Alan Meier (510) 486-4740

Consumer Appliances

Energy Efficiency Tips for the Home

Energy Performance of Homes

Energy-Efficient Behavior Research; Energy Efficiency Myths

Energy-Efficient Building Design; Multifamily Buildings

Home Energy Saver Web Site

Evan Mills (510) 486-6784

Residential Infiltration and Ventilation

Residential Retrofit

Iain Walker (510) 486-4692

Standby Power ("Leaking Electricity")

Alan Meier (510) 486-4740

Thermal Distribution

Urban Heat Islands and Cool Colored Materials

Energy Efficiency for Industry

Data Centers


Energy Efficiency for High-Technology Industries, Laboratories and Clean Rooms; Government Buildings, Schools, Universities

Dale Sartor (510) 486-5988

Energy-Efficient Motors and Motor Systems

Government and Industry Programs

Industrial Energy Analysis

Life-Cycle Assessment

Indoor Environment and Health

Airflow and Pollutant Transport

Michael Sohn (510) 486-7610

Environmental Health Risk and Exposure Modeling

Tom McKone (510) 486-6163

Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Exposure and Risk Analysis

Indoor Air Quality and Health

William Fisk (510) 486-5910

Indoor Particles

Material Emissions

Sick/Healthy Buildings and Productivity

International Energy Analysis

China Energy Studies

Lynn Price (510) 486-6519
Nan Zhou (510) 486-5534

Global Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Analysis


International Energy Studies

LBNL Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies (LIGTT)


Energy-Efficient Lighting; Lighting Control Systems

International Dimensions of Energy-Efficient Lighting

Evan Mills (510) 486-6784

Sensors for Energy Efficiency

Laser-Based Sensors


Transportation and Air Quality Analysis

Tom Wenzel (510) 486-5753
Alan Meier (510) 486-4740

Transportation Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis

Tom Wenzel (510) 486-5753
Alan Meier (510) 486-4740

Water and Other Resource Efficiency

Water-Energy Connection

Windows and Daylighting

Advanced Glazings

Advanced Insulation


Energy-Efficient Window Applications and Research

Transition Metal Switchable Mirrors

Window Systems Field Testing

Eleanor Lee (510) 486-4997