2013 Gauss Award of the German Gauss Center for Supercomputing

William Tschudi
Henri Coles
June 20, 2013
Multiple authors; contributions by William Tschudi, Henry Coles

The paper titled "TUE, a new energy-efficiency metric applied at ORNL's Jaguar" has won the Gauss Award of the German Gauss Center for Supercomputing. The award is presented at the International Scientific Computing Conference. In 2013, this is being held in Leipzig, Germany.

This paper was written by members of the Energy Efficient High Performance Computing Working Group (EE HPC WG), which was conceived and is led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to promote energy-efficient green computing best practices. The papers authors are: 

Michael K Patterson, Intel Corporation; Stephen W Poole, Chung-Hsing Hsu, Don Maxwell, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; William Tschudi, Henry Coles, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; David J Martinez, Sandia National Laboratories; Natalie Bates, Energy-Efficient HPC Working Group.