EETD Policy on Vacating Space

When a PI is going to vacate space for whatever reason, he or she is responsible for leaving the space in a useable condition for the next occupant. In particular, this means cleaning out all equipment, chemicals, paper, etc. This can include items such as wiping all residue from shelves, and ensuring that no radioactive material is present. If renovations to the space are planned, the cleanup must meet the standards for permitting craft workers to perform their jobs. Note that if you acquire space from someone else, you become responsible for items they leave behind. You can insist that the space be properly cleaned before you take responsibility for a particular space.

The safety experts (including EETD and EH&S personnel) will help you with this job, but they are limited in what they can or will do. We can hire a contracted firm to handle virtually any type of cleanup, but this comes with a high cost. Unidentified chemicals can cost hundreds of dollars each just for identification.

Because of the high potential costs associated with cleanups, the Division has the right to ensure that there is sufficient funding to cover these costs. Note that any costs not covered by the PI must be charged to the Division, meaning that everyone has to pay. We will handle these cases on an individual basis. Upon the recommendation of the EETD Assistant Director for Space and EH&S, the Division Director or Deputy can place a lien on the PI's account(s) to cover any anticipated costs. We don't expect to have to do this, but we want to ensure that those not responsible do not have to pay.

This policy is consistent with and patterned after the Lab's policy concerning a Division returning space to the Laboratory. The policy is in the RPM Section 1.20.C.4. Additional information about clean-outs is available in the Lab's Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan.

Last update: 1/10/07