EH&S Safety Staff

Picture of Guy Kelley

Guy Kelley

Picture of Robert Kostecki

Robert Kostecki

Picture of Arun Majumdar

Arun Majumdar

Picture of Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts

Division Safety Coordinator

Assistant Division Director,
Safety Committee Chair

Division Director

EH&S Division Liaison

(510) 486-4703

Location: 90-2056B
Mailstop: 90R3027D

(510) 486-6002

Location: 70-0111B
Mailstop: 70R108B

(510) 486-7784

Location: 90-3026D
Mailstop: 90R3027D

(510) 495-2709

Location: 75-0106A
Mailstop: 75R0123

Questions and comments, contact: Guy Kelley