EETD Safety Committee Minutes

Meeting of October 30, 2002
2:00 PM, 90-1029

Attendees ("X" indicates present):
Members Position Present
Don Lucas Division Safety Manager (DSM) (Chair) X
Guy Kelley Division Safety Coordinator (DSC) X
Don Grether Deputy Division Director X
Nancy Padgett Division Business Manager X
Larry McLouth EH&S Division Liaison X
Kim Abbott DOE  
Mary Ann Shiffman EA AA & Office Safety Walkthrough Project Leader X
  1. EETD Building 90 Office Safety Walkthroughs—Followup
    • Mary Ann Shiffman has compiled a spreadsheet summarizing the walkthrough findings.
    • AA's from each department have already begun follow-up and making requests to the Work Request Center.
    • Mary Ann will send memo and spreadsheet results to each AA tailored for their groups.
    • Guy will review and prioritize the list. He will also note the items that are institutional, rather than programmatic responsibilities (such as securing loose outlets).
  2. 10/18/02 Kerr group floor tile incident
    • Without proper authority, Kerr group pulled up linoleum floor tiles in 62-220 which turned out to contain asbestos.
    • After discussions with OAA and Mark Levine, decided it was not a ORPS reportable incident.
    • Don L. mentioned that the basic Lessons Learned here is that staff shouldn't do work that facilities should be doing.
    • Will have a meeting on 10/31 with Grether, Lucas, Cairns, and Kerr. Topics:
      • Necessity for general lab clean-up.
      • Stand-down with Kerr group to emphasize importance of this incident and reaffirm safety procedures and practices.
    • Nancy suggested we have more safety messages in Don G's weekly "What's New in EETD" emailing.
    • Nancy also noted that as we did in this case, Mark may need to be updated on EH&S issues more than quarterly.
  3. Lab pilot program for workstation ergonomic upgrade cost sharing—update
    • Nancy will draft a letter to the group of EETD AA's who have been selected to be Ergo Evaluators that will discuss the required Ergonomic Evaluator's Training.
      • Copy of letter will be sent to the AA's supervisors and to Department Heads.
    • Monday's meeting with the AA's will include discussion of this new ergo initiative.
    • Larry will arrange with Jeffrey Chung for a Ergo Evaluators training session in November.
    • Cost sharing funds from the Lab (Sally Benson) will total about $20,000.
      • EETD is expected to get about $7K of this. The Division is tentatively expected to contribute $7K of matching funds for a total of $14K for cost sharing.
      • The other divisions in this pilot program are LSD and ESD.
    • Question to be resolved: How do we choose who will get cost sharing funds?
    • Need to get online EETD Ergo Survey completed.
      • Initially send to Safety Committee members for beta testing.
      • When goes division-wide, mention the cost sharing funds as a carrot to encourage taking the survey.