Chemical & Waste Management

On-line Chemical Management System (CMS)

Significant changes to your chemical inventory should be entered into the on-line database regularly.

Guidance on the CMS, including what does and doesn't need to be entered into the system, can be found in the LBNL Chemical Inventory section of the Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan.

Let your Division Safety Coordinator know if you want help updating the database.

Barcode labels can be obtained from Lee Aleksich, (x2994).

Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA)

The SAA Responsible Person and Hazardous Waste Generators are responsible for handling their hazardous waste and maintaining their Satellite Accumulation Area according to Lab, Federal, and State regulations. Resources to help with this task are listed below.

It is very important that waste containers are picked up by Waste Management within 275 days (9 months) of the "SAA Start Date". The SAA Responsible Person should develop a reminder system to assure waste requisitions are submitted in a timely manner. For example, mark a "Requisition By" date on the Reminder Poster or on a label on each container; or use a paper or electronic calendar.

More information about SAA's and hazardous waste:

For questions, call the Division Safety Coordinator or Howard Hansen, EETD's Waste Generator Assistant, at x5867.

Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan

Tools and information for the safe use of chemicals including:

  • MSDS's
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Procurement, Transportation, and Inventory
  • Hazard Identification and Evaluation
  • Hazard Controls
  • Training
  • Exposure Monitoring and Medical Consultation